Best Grilled Salmon Recipe for Delicious Food

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Cooking salmon is very interesting, especially for homemade meals. There are some recipes to perform with simple and easy instruction. The best-grilled salmon recipe is a solution when you have time to cook and want something delicious to serve. You may serve as lunch or dinner, but breakfast is still okay with this food. The next section will show how to cook the grilled salmon.



• 1-2 pounds salmon,
• Lemon
• Pepper
• Garlic powder
• Soy sauce
• Salt
• 1/2 cup brown sugar
• Vegetable oil
• Water

best grilled salmon recipe

Cooking instruction

1. Prepare salmon and seasonings such as pepper, salt, garlic, and lemon.
2. Mix into the single bowl until every season blend completely.
3. Cover top of the bowl with plastic and put aside for a moment.
4. Prepare another bowl.
5. Mix brown sugar, soy sauce, water, and vegetable oil. Wait until brown sugar is completely dissolved. Add more water to make a quicker mixture.
6. Prepare plastic bag then put mixture and salmon. Make sure bag is sealed to prevent contamination.
7. Put inside the refrigerator for about two hours.
8. After that, prepare frying pan and oil.
9. Take salmon out of bag them reduce marinated liquid.
10. Fry on the pan for about five to seven minutes then turn upside down to another side.
11. Fry again until reach similar color.
12. Use paper to absorb oil.

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Salmon for the best-grilled salmon recipe is better in boneless and skinless. You may use fresh salmon, but take the time to do the additional process. Canned product is the good option to prevent unnecessary instruction. Well, the fish is ready to mix into the seasoning.

As you see from instruction, seasoning for this best grilled salmon recipe might have two steps. Firstly, salmon is mixed with lemon, salt, garlic, and pepper. This step is to increase salmon taste when mixed into the second step. The next step is called marinated, though it uses some seasoning ingredients. It takes more than an hour to preserve salmon into the bag. As stated above, plastic bag should be sealed to avoid air contamination.

Be careful when opening plastic bag before putting it in the frying pan. You have to get rid of marinated portion to avoid heavy liquid. Fry salmon when the pass is clean, but still contains small residue to mix during frying. Moreover, salt and pepper will increase flavor. Specific recipe replaces brown sugar to honey. You can try it if the sweet taste is too strong. Of course, the best grilled salmon recipe makes everyone want to eat it more and more due to the combination of spicy, salty, and sweet tastes.

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