Perfect Combination of Boiled Chicken and Rice Recipe for Flavorful Dinner

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If you are bored with a popular recipe of chicken with rice, now is the right time to try another recipe. Try to cook the chicken and rice differently by following several cooking instructions of boiled chicken and rice recipe. Serve a big meal made from chicken and rice which is simple to cook. This delicious meal would be perfect for weeknights. Taste the perfect combination of chicken, rice, and the seasoning which produce flavorful food.


• 1 chicken, cut it into some serving pieces
• 3 tablespoons of olive oil
• Salt
• Black pepper, use the freshly ground one
• 2 onions in medium size, peel and slice them (it is about eight ounces)
• Pinch saffron, this is optional
• 1.5 cups of white rice
• Lime or lemon wedges
• Cilantro or parsley for garnish, use the fresh one and mince it

boiled chicken and rice recipe

Cooking Instructions

  1. Prepare water as much as 3 cups to boil.
  2. Place some olive oil into large skillet which can be covered. Turn the heat of medium high.
  3. Add the onions. Sprinkle some pepper and salt. Cook and stir it occasionally until it becomes soft and translucent for about seven minutes.
  4. Remove the skin from chicken.
  5. Add rice into onions. Stir it until the grain glistens.
  6. Add saffron and then stir it.
  7. Nestle chicken in the rice. Add more pepper and salt. Pour some boiling water into it. Set the heat of medium low. Cover it.
  8. Cook this chicken and rice for twenty minutes until the chicken is cooked and the water has been absorbed.
  9. Boiled chicken and rice recipe is ready to serve. Garnish this food and serve it with lime or lemon.

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Before boiled chicken and rice recipe is served, you actually can keep it warm over very low heat for the additional fifteen minutes. So, it is going to retain the heat for fifteen minutes as well beyond that. If you want to reduce the greasiness of this food, you can remove chicken’s skin before you begin to cook it. Anyway, this chicken’s skin is also not appetizing, especially for this moist dish.

The dish can also be varied using any stock and not water. You can even substitute another grain and add shellfish or sausage in the food. You can be sure that this recipe will give you enough flavors. Enjoy your great dinner with this boiled chicken and rice recipe served with salad if you like.

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