15 Minutes High Protein Pasta Recipe

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If you are in search of high protein pasta recipe, you come to the right place. Healthy pasta is one of the favorite foods for everyone who wants to get high protein and low-fat dish. This recipe is not only healthy, but also tasty. You only need 15 minutes to prepare this healthy dish.

It tastes downright delicious and suits to any your meal plan as well. In general, you have more spaces for carbohydrate than fat. Pasta is also a versatile dish that can be made in many ways. Moreover, healthy pasta is certainly one of your preferred food indulgences that are why you look for how to cook healthy pasta in no time. Without further ado, this is the high protein pasta recipe and the cooking instructions.



• 2 ounces can of crush tomatoes
• 3 ounces of 90% lean ground beef
• 6 ounces of Quinoa pasta (you can also use another kind of noodles)
• ¼ cup basil
• Salt to taste

High Protein Pasta Recipe

Cooking Instructions

  1. On a high heat, add tomatoes to the pot.
  2. When it begins to bubble, you can put beef and stir-fry about two minutes to break up the ground beef. Let it reduce.
  3. On another pot, put three cups of water and salt to taste. Bring to a boil.
  4. Add Quinoa pasta (or any noodles you use) and stir.
  5. Keep in mind that if you use al dente noodles, you need to put on the mixture of tomatoes. Tear up basil, put tomato on the pot and mix it.
  6. Plate high protein pasta recipe and serve on the table immediately

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A common semolina pasta contains a few more than processed carbohydrates, while Quinoa is a clever option. It is a gluten-free wheat dish. In general, Quinoa is a seed that comes in pasta form, and it carries a huge protein punch. It contains 2 gr proteins per ounce with fiber. In addition, the lean beef makes your pasta contain high-protein. Plus, it has moderate-fat that’s good for your weight without being afraid to lift up.

This dish will be perfect, either for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All you need is fifteen minutes to make this quick and healthy dish. The high protein pasta recipe contains 848 calories. It has 132 carbs, 13g fat, and 44g protein. It will be the perfect dish for your dietary program. You can stay healthy and eat downright the tasty food.

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