Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Recipe for Every Meal Time

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Philadelphia has the top food called cheese steak. This food is straightforward and easy to cook, even for beginners. You will find Philly cheese steak sandwich recipe from ingredients to cooking the steps in the next section. Before going there, you should know that this food regarded as cultural part in America. Originally, cheesesteak came from hotdog vendors. Creator wanted to expand this recipe due to potential customers and highly acclamation. Until know, cheese steak spread into many places, not only in Philadelphia.


• 1/2 roasted beef, thin or rib-eye roasted beef
• 1 onion, sliced
• 1 loaf Italian or French bread or hoagie rolls
• 1 belt pepper
• 2 teaspoons garlic
• 1/2 provolone cheese
• Salt and pepper
• Olive oil
• Ketchup or marinara sauce (optional)

Beef, bread, and cheese are the keys of Philly cheese steak sandwich recipe. Several options are available for beef. You can use roasted beef that’s ready for steak with sheer size and smooth texture. This kind of beef can be found at store quickly. Bread also has several options. You may use Italian or French loaf. It is still pure bread, so you need to cut then add crosswise mark. Another option is two hoagie rolls or special roll for a sandwich. The latter is very popular when cooking at home.
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Recipe

Cooking Instruction

1. Heat sauté pan then olive oil.
2. Fry onion and belt pepper for about five to seven minutes. They will turn into dark color.
3. Add garlic, pepper, and salt into the pan.
4. Mix them with previous ingredients up to three minutes. Put aside then reduce the heat.
5. Put beef into sauté pan then turn the heat slowly.
6. Mix beef with the rest of ingredient until turn into brown color.
7. Reduce the heat again then put cheese on the top of beef.
8. Prepare bread or sandwich role.
9. Put beef inside with other than add toppings such as marinara or ketchup.
10. The recipe is done then the steak is ready to eat.

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To create Philly cheese steak sandwich recipe, you do not need to take much time. Beef is inactive form, which means you should buy it without an additional process. Garlic and onion are sliced alongside pepper. For more spice, black pepper is recommended. Pepper is enough for delicate flavor, and black pepper should be a replacement.


Another key ingredient is cheese. There are some options for cheese such as provolone, regular, or melted form. Philly cheese steak sandwich recipe uses cheese to mix with beef, but not fully melted. Besides cheese, another one is bread. Besides normal bread, you are free to use any form or shape. The sandwich is easy to expand recipe with several replacements of ingredients. That is good a part of this recipe.


Philly cheese steak sandwich recipe is good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In the morning, you don’t have much time to cook complicated recipe. In the end, cheese steak is a good choice. Moreover, the busy task at office prevents to go outside for dinner. This food is ready to fill your energy. Dinner is about relaxed mind than eating cheese steak is suitable preference.

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