Recipe for Salmon Croquettes with Easy and Simple Application

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Salmon Croquettes is one of the right foods for dinner with friends of the family. The food looks delicious but elegant and rich of nutrients. You can try the recipe for salmon croquettes in the following section. The ingredients are easy to find at a store such as salmon in the canned product. For your information, salmon contains high protein, mineral, and vitamins. Protein and mineral from salmon help metabolism to be in check. Moreover, croquette is food in soft and subtle forms. You will enjoy eating anytime without having a digestive issue.


• Salmon, 12-14 ounce or more
• Chopped celery
• 2 eggs
• Onion, sliced
• 1 tablespoon fresh dill weed
• Garlic powder
• Wheat germ in 1/2 cup
• Olive oil
• Pepper
• Salt

Recipe for salmon croquettes

Canned salmon is already in boneless and skinless condition. You do not have to do the preliminary process at hand. Is fresh salmon compatible for a recipe for salmon croquettes? You will mix every ingredient, and this matter will be shown below. Fresh salmon requires addition process, and it is not too soft as a canned product. Of course, they are good for this recipe. As long as the salmon is easy to blend with other, everything will be in good order.


Cooking Instructions

1. Prepare medium or large bowl.
2. Reduce a little bit of salmon liquid, but not too dry.
3. Mix salmon, onion, celery, egg, dill weed, and garlic powder.
4. Make sure they are in mixture completely.
5. Prepare wheat germ in the tray.
6. Form mixture in ball-shape then rolls over wheat germ.
7. Wheat germ will cover every surface of the mixture.
8. Prepare pan and olive oil.
9. Heat oil and flatten mixture on the pan.
10. Fry for five minutes then below side to the top.
11. Fry again until both sides are brown.
12. Prepare paper to absorb oil.
13. Salmon croquettes are ready to eat.

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Pepper is the additional seasoning to improve spicy taste. You might consider more salt to prevent heavy taste of onion and garlic. Pepper and salt can be mixed into a bowl. Besides garlic powder, chopped and sliced garlic is also good as a replacement. However, powder form will blend perfectly. Add more celery to make it look green. The basic difference between patties and recipe for salmon croquettes is a wheat germ. If you do not use wheat germ, the recipe is for patties.

Recipe for salmon croquettes turns to be easy with less complicated instruction. Be careful when moving the mixture on the pan upside down. You need an additional tool to do such matter. Therefore, this recipe is suitable for any mealtime.

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