Delicious Salmon Patty Recipes for Dining Time

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Salmon is one of the ingredients with high proteins. You can get salmon in a canned product at the store. They should be boneless and skinless, so you do not need to take any necessary process. Salmon patty recipes are the solution to create a great meal for every dining time. The recipe is similar to other patties, except salmon as primary ingredients. This recipe is also easy to cook with simple preparation and tools. The next part will show how to make patties from salmon.



• 12-14 ounce salmon, skinless and boneless
• 1 onion,
• 1 cup breadcrumbs
• 2 eggs
• Salt
• Butter
• Olive oil
• 1 tablespoon pepper

salmon patty recipes

Cooking Instruction

1. Chop onion into small pieces.
2. Prepare the medium bowl and reduce salmon liquid.
3. Mix salmon, egg, onion, pepper, and breadcrumbs.
4. Add a little bit water if the mixture is too dry.
5. Create patties shape from this mixture and put aside for a moment.
6. Prepare flat frying pan, olive oil, and butter.
7. Put butter and olive oil into the pan then wait until it reaches hot temperature.
8. Put patties into the pan for about five minutes then turn upside down to get the similar brown texture.
9. Put patties on paper to get rid of oil.
10. Salmon patties are ready to serve.

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Parsley is an optional ingredient for salmon patty recipes. You may add this thing to get more flavor when deciding not to put in the mixture. Reducing salmon liquid makes it less wet, so you need to prepare a small amount of water. Another option keeps the liquid at a certain level in order to help the mixture into the complete form. Moreover, the egg might be one or two to increase the thickness.

If you like salty food, add more salt while mixing salmon and other ingredients. This process is similar to pepper to increase spicy taste. Of course, both seasonings are subjective depend on personal preference. You may put more salmon for a big family meal. Fresh salmon is not recommended to create salmon patty recipes as it still has bone and skin. You need to work more to get rid of them then make it as soft as possible before mixing.

Patties are popular food in every dining time. You can eat it for breakfast as it is easy and quick to make. For lunch, it is not a problem to serve in cold. The best time to have salmon patty recipes is for dinner. Salmon patties can match with rice, salad, bread, or any additional foods. Well, enjoy salmon ultimately in patties form!

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